Dental Medicine

Dental Medicine in English is integrated undergraduate and graduate university studies with a 6 year duration. The program lead to the academic title of Doctor of Dental Medicine. 

Dental Medicine at the University of Rijeka was founded in 1973 and has been active since. Through its continuous advancement, in more than 45 years its faculty has shown both desire and strength in development of the profession and study program. Students, as the most important factor in our work, are our colleagues who stay in touch with their teachers after graduations – some of them even join our scientific and professional work. 

Work at Dental Medicine is a mix of teaching, professional and scientific activities which all represents parts of a large puzzle. Since the number of students is rather small, we are able to organize work in small groups, which practically means a lot of individual contacts between students and their teachers/mentors. We are proud of the fact that our students acquire knowledge, skills and competencies for their future professional activities. 

Apart from the quality of the educational process and the pleasant environment, studying in Rijeka is really enjoyable for the various sports and social activities organized by the Students organizations, as well as for the pleasant Mediterranean and Central European environment that our town offers. 

Totally 1232 students have graduated untill in Croatian language since 1973.  The curricula of Dental medicine in Croatian and in English program are identical and both accredited by the EU.

Dental medicine in English is arranged along the lines of theoretical, preclinical and clinical studies in preclinical departments, clinical departments and institutes.
The clinical part takes place in the Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka  – a complex of  33 clinics and clinical departments with 1069 beds and a staff of 3252 doctors and nurses, complemented by Health Center Rijeka, state and private institutions.


Student work – independent or within a student organization – has always been supported by the teaching staff of Dental medicine.  

Students may either be members of the organization CroADS (Croatian Association of Dental Medicine Students) or they can participate independently in various projects. CroADS gathers all the students regardless of the study year, helping them to organize, plan and run student projects. CroADS member meetings are held several times a year. Student projects may be divided into two groups. The first group is represented by the projects targeted at students who desire to improve their scientific and research work which is subsequently presented at the congresses or in the student journal Fissura. Another group includes the projects run outside the institution, mostly aimed at oral health improvement; for example, there is currently a project called „tooth – Blackamoor“ for children, regular school visits which are the part of the project called „The class with the prettiest smile“ funded by the City of Rijeka, oral hygiene workshops organized for the students of the University of Rijeka, oral hygiene workshops for the retirement homes, etc. 

Furthermore, EVP (European Visiting Programme) is held biennially where a limited number of foreign students visit our School and during the seven-day course take part in lectures, exercises and specially designed workshops. Our students are also given the opportunity to visit other universities within the same program. 

We have also held student congresses on two occasions. The second „RiCon“ had an international audience, hosting over 150 students from all across the Europe. The third International Dental student congress will be held on April 17thand 18th of this year.

Once a year we publish a student journal called Fissura. The journal has been published since 2015 and included a total of more than 60 articles. The authors are mainly students mentored by the teachers of the Study of Dental medicine. The topics include all the areas of dental medicine, with addition of some interesting extracurricular student activities.

Besides CroADS, students may apply for the sport teams and therefore participate in popular student games called Humanijada – this competition involves all the biomedical faculties in Croatia. Finally, all the students are welcome to participate in the student choir.“


The admission procedure for all prospective applicants comprises:

1) Evaluation of the secondary school grades (overall average over the continuum of all 4 years of the secondary school education comprising all the grades and the final exam, together with the specific evaluation of grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

2) Written exam in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Manual dexterity test will be held  in Rijeka, at Dental Medicine premises following dates

1. The 7th of July 2020
2. The 8th of September 2020
Requirements for the entrance exam

3) Candidates who have completed a pre-medical college or passed internationally recognized exams (MCAT-with minimal score 9 for each section), or earned a BA/Bsc degree in natural sciences with good credits in Biology, Physics, Chemistry may be exempted from the entrance exam.

4) Applicants who have taken SAT Subject Tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, with the minimal score 600 in each subject, may also be exempted from the entrance exam.

Applications for summer exam term should be sent by June 23, 2020 and for autumn exam term by August 31,2020.

Documents required: 

  1. Completed Application form 
  2. Completed Application form for manual dexterity test 
  3. Originals or certified copies of their secondary school certificates (for all the years of secondary school and the final certificate of education) with official transcript of grades

Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be eligible to enrol. For more details about this procedure, please see the following link

4)   Certificates of higher courses or degrees (college/university), if any.

5)  Officially attested English translation of their secondary school/ graduation certificates if these weren’t originally written in English or Croatian.

6)  Curriculum vitae in English  (Europass)

7)  4 photographs, 4×6 cm (not older than six months)

8)  Application fee in amount of 250 Euro payable directly to our account (not by a  cheque):
9)  Original medical certificate of general health status (not older than 1 month) issued by an authorized family physician (not a family member)

10)  Photocopy of relevant passport pages with the data and picture

11) Original or certified copy of their birth certificate (“domovnica”, “rodni list” originals and copy of your ID for Croatian citizens)

12) Certified financial statement that the applicant or his/her sponsor has adequate financial resources to finance his/her study (bank statement or statement of financial credibility)

13) English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS…). Cambridge and Oxford English language exams and certificates issued by (foreign) language schools (B2 level) are also accepted, as well as certificates of English language proficiency issued by a secondary school a candidate attended.

Please send your complete applications to the following address:

University of Rijeka
Faculty of Dental Medicine
Dental Medicine in English
Kresimirova 40 
51000 Rijeka


The maximum number of admitted students per Academic year 2020/2021 will be 12.
Selected students will be sent an Offer of place followed by the Letter of Acceptance and the Contract.

Enrolment takes place in Rijeka in July and in September before the winter semester begins. Please make all the necessary arrangements in time (visa, accommodation…). These reasons are not legitimate for postponing the beginning of study obligations. (Late enrolment fee might be applied)

Academic year starts with the winter semester – at the beginning of October. Students have two weeks winter break around Christmas and New Year while the summer break starts at the end of July. Exam terms are at the end of each course and in July and September.

All classes in both theoretical and clinical studies are taught in English, however, Croatian  language classes are an obligatory part of the curriculum during the first and the second year of study in order to prepare the students for communication with patients in their clinical lessons.

Tuition fee is 10,000 Euro per year; it can be paid in two installments (5000 EUR at enrollment, 5000 EUR by December 31), upon admission.
Admission is possible into the winter semester only.

No possibility exists to transfer from Dental Medicine in English program to Croatian program of the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Rijeka.

For any additional information you can contact   Irena Glažar, DDM, PhD, associated professor on mail

Prof. Sonja Pezelj-Ribaric, D.M.D, Ph.D


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