Supporting Evidence-based Education of Youth Workers (SEEYW)

01.02.2019. / vijesti / eu projekti

The University of Rijeka is a partner in Erasmus+ Key Action 205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth  project Supporting Evidence-based Education of Youth Workers (SEEYW).

The project is coordinated by Institute for Social Research in Zagreb and partners are University of Ljubljana and University of Rijeka.

Through laying the groundwork for the professionalization of youth work and delivering a set of outputs related to the evidence-based education and training of youth workers, the project will strengthen capacities of youth workers and contribute in the long term to the overall quality of youth work provision in project partner countries (Croatia and Slovenia).

Existing research and recommendations for youth work policies, both at the EU and national levels, have pointed to the need for quality education and training of youth workers as one of the preconditions for achieving quality youth work.

The project activities include a research of youth workers’ education and training needs in Croatia and Slovenia. This will be achieved by mapping the existing education and training opportunities for youth workers, by identifying and analysing the existing training activities and programmes in both project partner countries, by mapping and analysing the existing study programmes which train youth workers in Europe, with the aim to help identify contemporary trends in youth work education and training and the educational pathways for youth workers across Europe. Also, a field research of the needs in youth work training and education in Croatia and Slovenia will be carried out, which will target youth workers and their employers, as well as young people and decision-makers. The field research will combine quantitative and qualitative research methods (online questionnaires, focus groups and interviews).

The project goals include: the development of proposals for occupation and qualification standards for youth workers, the development of a curriculum for a life-long-learning study programme for youth workers and the development of a curriculum for a tertiary-level study programme for youth workers.

Project duration: 1 February 2019 – 31 August 2021

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